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“threading the needle”

Passed checkup number seven last week, no April Fool’s gag, it was more boring than stressful. This picture probably looks less light hearted than it is, a good companion piece to the first test’s snake. Been quiet on the blog front, working on some “professional” personal work, a fake beer label. Quite satisfying to do […]


Another piece about being ground under by work. Hmmm. Rather than dwell on that, the other week over a few beers with cuz Mike, we were talking about journals that you have to do while studying anything artsy. Talking about how artificial they were, and how often you had to fake it by working backwards […]


Just to celebrate the latest addition / edition. They started off largely as a dream diary with a bit of angsty whinging in between. Then had a lot finished drawings for a while. The rainbow striped one became the first real travelling notebook until it had so much stuff in it I was scared to […]

untitled #42

Been banging my head against tiredness and lack of motivation. The antidote to this being too serious and whiny was to draw it while watching Eurovision!

“horseman of the personal apocalypse”

Another one with a long gestation, from a slightly whiny original idea five years ago. Most of my drawings are inspired by events or emotions in my life. They’re burning to be done while that emotion is equally burning… but if they take too long to get done, I want to move on. Double whammy […]

“degree of difficulty”

Starting a new job tomorrow. They say a change is as good as a holiday. Must be one of those holidays where you have to work. This is to commemorate the elaborate and time consuming test I did over 3 weeks to get it… I started doing some work in Photoshop to colour it, but […]


This picture started out a little whiny… “it’s so hard to get motivated” Then I tracked down the first in the sequence that I’d forgotten about, all youthful exuberance… “I love being an artist!” The second was a rebellion against all the “serious” art I was doing to get into visual arts at VCA… “you […]

style guide

Design memes to avoid, or at least try! Unfortunately we have clients using all of them…


tinned meat #3 “Hi again, a picture about working bloody hard to stay in one spot and not go backwards… Not long after starting my new job the other designer left, and the next week my boss’ wife had a baby. So 5 weeks in, I was sitting in the office by myself with the […]