“hammer ‘n’ tongs”


Been a while between posts, for all the right reasons. Well, we did all have a virus that made us vomit, but mostly it was because I’ve been spending my nights working on a freelance project.

Which links into the the idea of the picture, along with getting some big jobs over the line for my day job, of the feeling of smashing it! Of just sucking it up and getting through.

I don’t draw much in the way of beefcake, and my aim was to draw a massive dude. Unfortunately the only wrestling jump pictures I could find for reference were more modestly muscled! Would have been great to do it as some sort of animated loop: smashing down through layers of masonry, through tag teams of dismayed wrestlers…

On the technical side, I coloured the marker base in Photoshop and was pretty happy with the result for a moderate extra layer of work. Have to try a whole scene with background, which I don’t generally do in colour or mono!

hammer'n'tongs - mono

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