“horseman of the personal apocalypse”

horseman of the personal apocalypse

Another one with a long gestation, from a slightly whiny original idea five years ago.

Most of my drawings are inspired by events or emotions in my life. They’re burning to be done while that emotion is equally burning… but if they take too long to get done, I want to move on.

Double whammy if the execution gets frustrating. I wanted to try doing this one all on paper, but I didn’t have enough tonal range in the coloured textas. So I cheated and did another couple of drawings in the middle, then felt guilty and came back!

Suck it up – part one.

There’s a few youthful things I look back on and laugh at.

Karen and I remember all the times we were “too tired” to go out. Too tired to go out and sit and drink and talk with friends. Pfft. Try six years of child induced sleep deprivation.

I laugh even harder at some of my uni project timelines. We were so stressed out by having to design a four page newsletter… in two semesters!! I’ve had to turn around the first draft of a hundred page report in a week.

So, a very worthy drawing about working hard. It might be all about just getting on with it, but having too many positive motivations can be just as heavy as negative ones. Even heavier is feeling like a martyr about it.

Sometimes the message needs to be just get it done.


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