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“managing for performance”

I tried working on something frivolous… I really did. Somehow it seemed a little pointless. It’s mostly the negative stuff that gets its claws into me, that feels meaningful enough to work on till it’s done. The paradox is that the drawing of it often makes me happy. As a blog it may seem a […]


The idea of exhibiting my work has come up again. Back in the day, when I was either dropping out of art school (or trying to get back in), I drew a couple of versions of the idea of being a throwback. Against the high water mark of installations and the like, super old school […]

sketchbook #20

1992 was an interesting year, burning through sketchbooks (this one in a month) and too much weed, manic highs and lows. This picture sums it up in one. Went and saw the awesome Robert Hannaford exhibition today. Lots of great work, but some absolutely mind blowing figure studies on grey paper – if you like […]

“hammer ‘n’ tongs”

Been a while between posts, for all the right reasons. Well, we did all have a virus that made us vomit, but mostly it was because I’ve been spending my nights working on a freelance project. Which links into the the idea of the picture, along with getting some big jobs over the line for […]