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“balance #19”

I was thinking about the 3D poster from way back at the end of my studies. About how oversimplified, how black and white I thought the balance was. And how perfect a metaphor the eye scorching anaglyph was for the mixed up greyness of life, and the pain of my blurry eyes! The drawing itself […]

unfinished business

Was putting a birthday present to use, a big folder to store old drawings more delicately than in the shed, and was looking at some of those drawings. Some good and bad, some pretty wacky, and a few unfinished. This one was a cracker, all about the rawness and uncertainty of trying to find love […]

“second generation avatar”

No resolutions this year, just this as a statement of intent, an underline to the end of last year. Started during the week off between jobs, and a conclusion to the accidental blue series. It began with the resistance of “hammer’n’tongs”, continued with the risk of “ballast”, and ends with this, the reemergence from the […]

sketchbook #20

1992 was an interesting year, burning through sketchbooks (this one in a month) and too much weed, manic highs and lows. This picture sums it up in one. Went and saw the awesome Robert Hannaford exhibition today. Lots of great work, but some absolutely mind blowing figure studies on grey paper – if you like […]


Just to celebrate the latest addition / edition. They started off largely as a dream diary with a bit of angsty whinging in between. Then had a lot finished drawings for a while. The rainbow striped one became the first real travelling notebook until it had so much stuff in it I was scared to […]

elf evolution

A little while back I read a cool blog post about an antidote to negatively comparing yourself to your heroes. The suggestion was to compare your work to your own 5 years back. Looking through some boxes to unpack, I found some folders of the multitude of drawings I did to document the fantasy world […]


Most of my work is about myself. I’ve been using some of these symbols for so long they’ve been progressively boiled down to a few details, whilst becoming increasingly complex in meaning. For the two or three people who’ve come along for the ride, they might make (some!) sense, but for everyone else they can […]


This picture started out a little whiny… “it’s so hard to get motivated” Then I tracked down the first in the sequence that I’d forgotten about, all youthful exuberance… “I love being an artist!” The second was a rebellion against all the “serious” art I was doing to get into visual arts at VCA… “you […]

sketchbook #23

To celebrate a small chunk of the goal of scanning my old sketchbooks. One chosen at random, full of the pleasure and pain of my first real relationship, and stumbling out of a long dole-bludging, dope-smoking rut. (Some nice thematic symmetry… check out that hand lettering!)