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“degree of difficulty”

Starting a new job tomorrow. They say a change is as good as a holiday. Must be one of those holidays where you have to work. This is to commemorate the elaborate and time consuming test I did over 3 weeks to get it… I started doing some work in Photoshop to colour it, but […]

greener grass

My neighbour has too much spare time. She’s spent the last two days in her garden. All day. She sits out on her front porch reading. For hours at a time. We have two girls under five years old. We’re lucky to get an hour of spare time after they’ve gone to bed. I treasure […]

“two card drawing”

Was a hell of a week. On the Monday I got my pathology results back, as good as cancer can be, low grade and not growing into the surrounding tissue. I was at work before my appointment and it was like sitting in a bubble of reality, like looking through a membrane at everything completely […]