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“kettle bitterness”

To take the boiling frog metaphor right to its end, at that moment a month or so back it was more like sitting scorching on the bottom of a boiled dry saucepan. I really jinxed it the day of that last post, writing and telling people things were getting better. Tempting fate by buying some […]


Making a conscious effort to deal with my stress. No, not happy pills but antibiotics! Tested out the Copics on a printout too. Inkjet ink good, Bic biro bad. Makes the linework a little soft, but could be a great process for working stuff up relatively quickly.


Well, it was supposed to be about putting a bomb under my motivation, but this seemed like more fun! The Copics didn’t play too badly with the biro, just a bit of bleeding. I wonder how they’d go with printer ink if I scanned and printed the drawing…

untitled #42

Been banging my head against tiredness and lack of motivation. The antidote to this being too serious and whiny was to draw it while watching Eurovision!