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This probably seems like a strange one to celebrate 10 years since my original diagnosis, 10 years cancer free. Sometimes I have bleeding and it stresses me out, but as a drawing this was a dream to work on! The geometry of the shapes, the textures, even a couple of things that went wrong turned […]

volume 2

Passed cystoscopy no 9 today. After last year’s shenanigans I was a little nervous. My file is now so fat it has run to a second volume…

“threading the needle”

Passed checkup number seven last week, no April Fool’s gag, it was more boring than stressful. This picture probably looks less light hearted than it is, a good companion piece to the first test’s snake. Been quiet on the blog front, working on some “professional” personal work, a fake beer label. Quite satisfying to do […]


This is a story of two halves. Bad part first. The idea for this came into my head a couple of years back when I got the letter about my first check up scan. I still feel like a bit of a faker telling people I had cancer, because I never felt sick, but chemo […]


Strictly speaking, this is wristband #6 in my collection, but the fifth check up. All clear. I got some value for money, had a vasectomy thrown in – now with 50% less calories! Hence the “cryptic” previous post.

“piss easy”

I drew this Freudian case study while recovering from my “cystoscopy,” a fancy word for having a camera with a robot scraper arm threaded through the eye of your needle. I’m sure I’m supposed to flag this as mature or something.