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A change of pace, both in lighter subject matter and speed of execution. I’ve had insomnia at different stages of my life, and figured out various more or less successful strategies to work around it! For a while when I was younger, I would visualise scenes in my mind, not think in words. Eventually I […]

“Trixen Aviatrix”

Not much explanation needed! More exciting is the process to get to the final… To stop myself from going back I did lots of little quick biro thumbnails. Picked the best one, scanned it then printed it out knocked back to grey and scaled up to A4. Then I kept working on the printout in […]


Most of my work is about myself. I’ve been using some of these symbols for so long they’ve been progressively boiled down to a few details, whilst becoming increasingly complex in meaning. For the two or three people who’ve come along for the ride, they might make (some!) sense, but for everyone else they can […]


This picture started out a little whiny… “it’s so hard to get motivated” Then I tracked down the first in the sequence that I’d forgotten about, all youthful exuberance… “I love being an artist!” The second was a rebellion against all the “serious” art I was doing to get into visual arts at VCA… “you […]

genre cheesecake

To “celebrate” the snip I went out at lunch to get myself a treat. I was aiming for a $4 marker and ended up detouring through a new bookshop with an impulse buy on the way. A big hardcover collection of work from the king of the 50s pinup artists, Gil Elvgren. To celebrate the book, something […]

“caffeinated planet”

tinned meat #6 An ode to caffeine… and Robby the Robot. This was always a project I looked back on as one that got away. About six years ago, after laboriously painting to a point I didn’t like, I gave up on it and paint as a medium. I recently found a photo of just the […]

“Trixen Noir 2”

tinned meat #4 Finally! There was a gap of a month or two in the middle, and some of the planned embellishments got abandoned along the way… it was a first project using my light table/box, but the Copic marker rendering and then the Photoshop rendering went by the wayside. But then again, the original […]

stop, scanner time!

Just to celebrate my new toy – a honkin’ big Brother A3 multifunction centre! After lusting after expensive A3 scanners (with doubtful Mac support) for a while, I discovered that there are way cheaper options. It can also fax, copy, blah blah blah and is the size of a small satellite, but dirt cheap second […]