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“some assembly required”

I started this one a while ago. It had a bit of the new year’s resolution to it, more I’ve got to do something than knowing the direction. Things have changed along the way, mainly seeing a counsellor, which is helping. If the pieces of the model were choices that could be made, the notebook […]


What I write sometimes seems a little circular… “been a while / been busy / self referential”. This one could be more so. Been an insane 6 weeks or so, working on my agency’s two biggest projects for the year, at the same time. Then doubling down by burning some extra curricular midnight oil. Before […]


Making a conscious effort to deal with my stress. No, not happy pills but antibiotics! Tested out the Copics on a printout too. Inkjet ink good, Bic biro bad. Makes the linework a little soft, but could be a great process for working stuff up relatively quickly.

“degree of difficulty”

Starting a new job tomorrow. They say a change is as good as a holiday. Must be one of those holidays where you have to work. This is to commemorate the elaborate and time consuming test I did over 3 weeks to get it… I started doing some work in Photoshop to colour it, but […]

What makes something valuable?

I’m reading a sci fi novel where there are matter compilers than can 3D print things at the atomic level, essentially eliminating “poverty” as everyone can eat the printed food and be clothed in printed clothing. The people who invented the machines are very wealthy, but do not eat or use anything created by the […]


This was going to be about death. A few weeks back, I was listening to a Pink Floyd album, one of the seminal bands of my late teens and early twenties. I looked at the date of the album, and realised that they’d essentially broken up 25 odd years ago, and two of them were […]

“ad infinitum / ad nauseum”

tinned meat #2 “Hi again, A drawing that started mulling around when job applications were feeling futile, but got finished when things were looking good (actually after I got a job in the end.) Hence you can turn the sad picture upside down to make it all uplifting and stuff – aww. For all of […]