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Just to celebrate the latest addition / edition. They started off largely as a dream diary with a bit of angsty whinging in between. Then had a lot finished drawings for a while. The rainbow striped one became the first real travelling notebook until it had so much stuff in it I was scared to […]

desktop publishing

After a couple of months of html and css I was desperate for some typesetting. In my late teens I began work on an autobiographical fantasy comic, as you do, and part of that involved writing a full mythic history of the world it was set in. When studying design much later, I had been […]


Planning isn’t sexy. As a control freak lover-of-lists, sometimes you take your own powers of organisation for granted. Wing it. A list in your head is just another thing you’ve forgotten.

2012 resolutions

After having our annus horribilis in 2011, this was my line in the sand. I got a job, the tattoo is coming and I passed my first test on (the lucky for me) Friday the 13th. The addendum was to remind me to only spend time on my own original work, my two girls leaving […]