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chauvinist apocalypse

I watched one of my all time favourite movies over the weekend, Blade Runner, set in an apocalyptic 2019 as imagined in 1982. I had dreamed of chartering a helicopter to fly over Los Angeles just to fully live the alternative real version. There are no offworld colonies, no flying cars, but we do have […]

“horseman of the personal apocalypse”

Another one with a long gestation, from a slightly whiny original idea five years ago. Most of my drawings are inspired by events or emotions in my life. They’re burning to be done while that emotion is equally burning… but if they take too long to get done, I want to move on. Double whammy […]

desktop publishing

After a couple of months of html and css I was desperate for some typesetting. In my late teens I began work on an autobiographical fantasy comic, as you do, and part of that involved writing a full mythic history of the world it was set in. When studying design much later, I had been […]


I’ve always loved when the numbers align, like looking at the clock in the middle of the night… Only nine more days till the Mayan long count calendar ticks over a bak’tun. Luckily my work is knocking off for the apocalypse the night before. (Sorry boss, proof of literal clock watching on the job!) The […]