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heroism as opiate for the teenage masses

Just finished reading “The Eye of the World” by Robert Jordan, published in 1990 as the first of a 14-novel 23-year epic – “The Wheel of Time.” Oddly enough, it tied in with some recent thoughts about undead stories, how they pander to self-importance. A lot of the early sci-fi movies are supposedly about the […]

faux cover

Just because I had so much fun making my fake logo and masthead, I wanted to mock up a cover! Probably needs the title to be chiselled into a block of cracked stone… The plan is to draw all new artwork, a gloriously pointless and self absorbed project.

pastiche vs homage

What’s the difference? Thinking of what to reboot, I’ve been rereading a lot of my notes for the fantasy comic I’d worked on for a long time. The main protagonist started off as a Dungeons & Dragons character, and the world was a campaign setting. I was surprised by just how much content there was, […]

elf evolution

A little while back I read a cool blog post about an antidote to negatively comparing yourself to your heroes. The suggestion was to compare your work to your own 5 years back. Looking through some boxes to unpack, I found some folders of the multitude of drawings I did to document the fantasy world […]

genre cheesecake

To “celebrate” the snip I went out at lunch to get myself a treat. I was aiming for a $4 marker and ended up detouring through a new bookshop with an impulse buy on the way. A big hardcover collection of work from the king of the 50s pinup artists, Gil Elvgren. To celebrate the book, something […]


This was going to be about death. A few weeks back, I was listening to a Pink Floyd album, one of the seminal bands of my late teens and early twenties. I looked at the date of the album, and realised that they’d essentially broken up 25 odd years ago, and two of them were […]

desktop publishing

After a couple of months of html and css I was desperate for some typesetting. In my late teens I began work on an autobiographical fantasy comic, as you do, and part of that involved writing a full mythic history of the world it was set in. When studying design much later, I had been […]

rolling the dice

I’m a latecomer to the works of Ursula K Le Guin, finally getting around to the Earthsea books. It’s been interesting to read “classic high fantasy,” written before the Dungeons & Dragons tipping point into genre: where the antecedents are folk tales not Tolkien; where the magic is ambiguous not formularised and disposable; and most […]