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2018 goals

The last one was a great visualisation, so this is a bit of a reboot with a reason, with a central goal to tie it together. Leaving off the obvious, like being a good husband and father(!), and passing all my tests…

“second generation avatar”

No resolutions this year, just this as a statement of intent, an underline to the end of last year. Started during the week off between jobs, and a conclusion to the accidental blue series. It began with the resistance of “hammer’n’tongs”, continued with the risk of “ballast”, and ends with this, the reemergence from the […]

2015 (high) resolution

Just for the fun of it, new year’s resolutions as app icons. In case you want to check progress! (And no, I’m not sitting up posting this… delayed release.)

2012 resolutions

After having our annus horribilis in 2011, this was my line in the sand. I got a job, the tattoo is coming and I passed my first test on (the lucky for me) Friday the 13th. The addendum was to remind me to only spend time on my own original work, my two girls leaving […]