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“nostalgia #2”

I’ve been looking through an old sketchbook lately, preparing to scan the pages. Looking back. Not getting wistful, wanting to go back and relive it, but wondering who the f**k was that unhappy young man. I wouldn’t change his decisions, well many of them. If I went back it would be a parallel universe of […]

sketchbook #23

To celebrate a small chunk of the goal of scanning my old sketchbooks. One chosen at random, full of the pleasure and pain of my first real relationship, and stumbling out of a long dole-bludging, dope-smoking rut. (Some nice thematic symmetry… check out that hand lettering!)  

“Trixen Noir 2”

tinned meat #4 Finally! There was a gap of a month or two in the middle, and some of the planned embellishments got abandoned along the way… it was a first project using my light table/box, but the Copic marker rendering and then the Photoshop rendering went by the wayside. But then again, the original […]

stop, scanner time!

Just to celebrate my new toy – a honkin’ big Brother A3 multifunction centre! After lusting after expensive A3 scanners (with doubtful Mac support) for a while, I discovered that there are way cheaper options. It can also fax, copy, blah blah blah and is the size of a small satellite, but dirt cheap second […]

“pinto must die”

ground zero It was always a bit of a conversation stopper – I got cancer. I was also lucky, my bladder cancer was low grade and they found it early, but it was caused by smoking. I was never a heavy smoker, and had given up 5 years earlier to have kids… apart from the […]