“second generation avatar”

second generation avatar

No resolutions this year, just this as a statement of intent, an underline to the end of last year.

Started during the week off between jobs, and a conclusion to the accidental blue series. It began with the resistance of “hammer’n’tongs”, continued with the risk of “ballast”, and ends with this, the reemergence from the belly of the beast.

More consciously it was a follow on to a drawing from twenty years ago, which started a new metaphor for isolation, an avatar born from a brain too prone to over-analysis and self-protection.

This reversal and rebirth, from the gut after a year and a half of clenching against ego bruising and stress, is resolute enough.

Coincidentally, the first drawing was just before I finished a stint in the public service, this is just as I begin a new one!

birth of the new avatar

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