“ad infinitum / ad nauseum”

tinned meat #2

ad infinitum / ad nauseum

“Hi again,

A drawing that started mulling around when job applications were feeling futile, but got finished when things were looking good (actually after I got a job in the end.) Hence you can turn the sad picture upside down to make it all uplifting and stuff – aww.

For all of you missing the frontal nature of some of my past efforts, I’ve packed in as much Freudian symbolism as I can. Done using my new favourite tool, ludicrously expensive Japanese markers. But like the chicken and the egg, the conundrum is which end of a double ended marker do you put in your pocket?

I’ve added a few more people to my spam list since last time. If you’re not into it, email me and I’ll cross you off the list. If you are into it, let me know, or better yet forward it on to someone else who will too!”

Sent via email 05/03/12. I was trying out a reduced palette, but the leaves just remind me of banana peel! Freudian bonus point.

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