What I write sometimes seems a little circular… “been a while / been busy / self referential”. This one could be more so.

Been an insane 6 weeks or so, working on my agency’s two biggest projects for the year, at the same time. Then doubling down by burning some extra curricular midnight oil. Before it sounds too whingey, that oil bought us an awesome family holiday, and printed the ticket for the next stage of my journey. To mangle two metaphors in one paragraph.

Wasn’t until I started thinking about the blue, that I realised it was an accidental follow on to “hammer’n’tongs”, the landing of the fall. The ball and chain has been mangled as a metaphor too, not a dead weight but a weapon, not an inescapable negative but a calculated risk.

And that central plunge was the most fun I’ve had with the markers so far!

ballast - stages

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