“caffeinated planet”

tinned meat #6

caffeinated planet

AnĀ ode to caffeine… and Robby the Robot.

This was always a project I looked back on as one that got away. About six years ago, after laboriously painting to a point I didn’t like, I gave up on it and paint as a medium. I recently found a photo of just the pencil work, and it was back on the hook!

(Couldn’t find a credit anywhere for who painted the original “Forbidden Planet” movie poster.)

caffeinated pencils

caffeinated pencils

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  • After years (years ago) of hearing about the detailed backstory and bible you had created for Raven, it was amazing to actually read this. Great format turning a detailed story bible into an exquisitely detailed story bible. I would love a physical copy of this (hint hint).

    Now, I can’t wait to see how you write and illustrate Trixxen’s story bible, haha.

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