A change of pace, both in lighter subject matter and speed of execution.

I’ve had insomnia at different stages of my life, and figured out various more or less successful strategies to work around it! For a while when I was younger, I would visualise scenes in my mind, not think in words. Eventually I was keeping myself awake working on the details! A while back, what worked was imagining the thoughts in my head as posters pasted on the inside of my skull, which I then would paint over in black paint with a roller. If any new thoughts popped up, I would keep rollering over them. Quite meditational in its own way.

Anyway, the picture is an ode to that method. These days my strategy is to be so tired that I can’t stay awake even if I want to!

The other goal is get some quick drawings done, save some of the many ideas that get left behind. This is using my other new technique, working only in biro with no reworking or looking back. Sketch small thumbnails, scan it in, blow it up, and print knocked back on a new sheet as pencils for the next round of biro.

So this was a single session piece, no hanging around getting stale.

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