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untitled #42

Been banging my head against tiredness and lack of motivation. The antidote to this being too serious and whiny was to draw it while watching Eurovision!

“intro version”

Suck it up – part two. I often also look back with amazement on the careless extravagance and freedom of youth. Sometimes it’s my own youth that sparks it, other times it’s seeing someone else’s. Like teenagers out getting snacks for a movie night, while someone else is home cooking dinner. Plugging away on those […]


Most of my work is about myself. I’ve been using some of these symbols for so long they’ve been progressively boiled down to a few details, whilst becoming increasingly complex in meaning. For the two or three people who’ve come along for the ride, they might make (some!) sense, but for everyone else they can […]


Funnily enough, after the last two posts, one refuting them. Sort of. It started back in my angsty early twenties with some drawings to show the “drudgery” of life, a slump backed figure trudging on a treadmill, or along a featureless maze of flat paths. Pointless. Repetitive. Like life was so hard as a twenty-something […]

“much to-do about nothing”

As a drawing about not being able to get things done, it was an exercise in persevering through tiredness and a cramped hand. I keep promising more feminine nudity but end up like a flasher opening my raincoat…