“purse of wisdom”

A mangled metaphor about the abundance of clear lessons to be had in this craziest of years. It initially came from pondering the universal ones.

How can anyone deny the reality of climate change while the country literally burns around them?

Why does it take a senseless racist murder in another country for 432 deaths in custody in Australia to even make the news?

How is the science of vaccinations under attack during a global pandemic?

Then I had some personal lessons to learn. Working from home made me feel disconnected and unmotivated, doubting my abilities while lashing myself with guilt for not being more grateful.

I applied for a new job and lay awake the night after the interview worried I’d get it. But I would have taken it just for a permanent position, out of fear of the future and to run away from my doubts.

Not long afterwards I applied to go back to study, not to learn something new and move forward, but to get a qualification for what I already do. To prepare for a fallback career in teaching, out of fear of being an old has-been designer.

Maybe these lessons are just as obvious from the outside. That rather than give up, I should believe in myself and keep trying. That instead of aiming low I should be learning skills to build the projects I’m passionate about.

Maybe I need to be more forgiving, and not just more grateful.


  • Dan Kuss says:

    Great post, Dan.

    I agree that it’s crazy that it takes such uproar to bring about change. A death on a main road before they introduce a pedestrian crossing is a local example that always concerned me.

    Recently I was part of a men’s group to discuss racism, and a police officer elabourated on the ‘deaths in custody’ statistics. Many of them are before the police actually have detained the person, but still considered ‘in custody’.

    Being okay with just being okay has been a struggle for many people lately. Me, too. Be kind to yourself, man.

    Let’s set up a time for catch up soon.


  • Control Fink says:

    Thanks Dan, self forgiveness is the hardest! We are definitely overdue to catch up.

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