tinned meat #3

“Hi again,

a picture about working bloody hard to stay in one spot and not go backwards…

Not long after starting my new job the other designer left, and the next week my boss’ wife had a baby. So 5 weeks in, I was sitting in the office by myself with the keys to the kingdom. Nice to know I could swim and not sink. It seems to be the year of “career” movement for everyone: getting hired, sacked, rehired, promoted, quitting, investigating people to get them sacked, or just going on a national tour.

This edition is a little spammier than normal. The next picture was meant to be a change of topic, a well endowed tiger-warrior-pimp-chick, but I realised the person who’d like it most (hey Carmine!) I could’t send it to because of his work email. Then I also figured people might be checking their personal email at work… so I started a blog to post everything on, and just harass you all with a link instead of evidence for termination of employment!

Click on the link for bonus content!”

Sent via email 27/05/12

Bonus working files – woo! Now with added inflatable modesty, and 50% less angst. Inked using my birthday present, a literally cool LED light table. Now I just have to get that A3 scanner and I’m set.

pen rough


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  • Michael says:

    Once again, nice work. I like the use of pen and pencil roughs too. Very organised. Getting sacked CAN have its blessings ( although it doesn’t seem like it at the time…)

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