volume 1


Beyond a certain point, no one ever goes back to the start of a blog, and reading backwards chronologically gets old pretty quick. (Pun unintended!)

And I still like print design, so doing what I do for my day job at night, here is the first year and half or so of the blog in book form.

PDF download 14Mb

The plan is to actually print some of these and give a copy to my three regular commenters: Dan, cuz Mike and Melbourne Mike. My thanks to you all for letting me know there’s someone out there reading.

I may be too broke to print them now, but that won’t last forever.


  • Dan says:

    Sold! There is something special about print. The smell, the tangibility. You can start at the back, too, easily.

  • Michael says:

    Count me in! Just as Dan mentioned, in the digital age, there’s something special about a book. The tactility, etc…that and studying printmaking, I’m biased and love the printed form. Keep up the great work!

  • Control Fink says:

    Luckily I’m a designer not a copy writer!

    You guys still get the first three copies hot off the press… the extra two are to try and tempt new commenters!

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