A picture about heartburn, but a story about stress.

I started this back in the last weeks of our new house being built. By the end I was chewing reflux tablets before and after dinner, starting to think about going to see a doctor and avoiding certain food.

Then the half-done drawing got packed away in a box. We moved and a few other drawings got squeezed in before I found it again.

Last night I made a curry using a paste that was basically spice and oil, mixed with tomato puree. Reflux with a spoon. No tablets required.

I’m not stressed anymore.

(After the last post, this is 100% hand done. I bled a couple of my textas dry but also pinched some of my daughters’ for the colour. Oddly enough, the $4 eight pack of Crayola textas played very nicely with the $10 each Copics. Have to get a pack for myself!)


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