Wandering through the Dark Heart biennial at the gallery a few days back I spied a face from my brief uni days, then corrected myself – “it can’t be her she’s too old.”

That was 24 years ago. I guess I’ve been insulated from that by not running into anybody from my past since moving back to Adelaide. I’ve mostly overwritten my old memories with new ones, moving forward too fast to look back.

Watching a bad movie set in Melbourne a couple of nights later, the random establishing shots of familiar locations gave me a sharp pang of nostalgia. I don’t want to move back, and some of what I miss was already gone when I left, but that phantom city seems more real than the remembered home town of my youth.

This is the age where you have a mid life crisis and these are the usual triggers.

Luckily my life has changed so wildly in the last few years that I don’t need a sports car or an affair… a bit of quiet space will do!

(First post from the new house.)


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