“happy place”

I was making good progress on this one, getting started first thing in the morning like a day job on my days off. Then I got sidetracked by applying for an amazing job… interstate. Spent a day off writing up a letter and resume. It was a weird bit of escapism, like I could jet off interstate and prop up my ego being a big shot. Except I got an interview, and found another amazing job to apply for.

Spent a second day off in a row writing a different application. Then the third day off I had to move the first interview to book in a second! To cut a long story short, I didn’t get the one I wanted and withdrew from the other. You do have to think of what’s happening around the world and be grateful, but still, I had a day or so of moping.

Onto the drawing, about enjoying beers a bit too much, even just browsing a bottle shop or online store is my happy place. The drawing came together surprisingly easily and the only regret I have is that the hop green turned out a little dark, hiding the outline work. The final photo had some reflected light which added some extra contrast!

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