“totemic / systemic”

I really wanted that new job I didn’t get. It sounded interesting and challenging, but in the same way I imagine having an affair avoids any awkward self examination.

Is security enough to get out of bed in the morning for? Is waiting around until my long service leave comes through enough of a plan for the next year and a half? Does it feel like you’ve achieved enough at 50?

This piece is about again choosing a path in life. I love drawing, and these last few have really been hitting a great standard but what are they for? I’d love to show them in a gallery but they’re so personal I couldn’t bear to sell any! They’re physical links back in time to moments and emotions in my life.

The long straight shapes got me using the markers better, long strokes and using the brush nib very side on, so this was a win on a couple of fronts. Kinda wish I’d gone for a straight pine like those I see on the walks where this idea was hatched, would have made it super geometric!

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