“new juggler”

I was looking to draw something a bit lighter in tone, and had been wanting to do an update of a very old drawing for a while…

One of the role playing games I played back in the day was an Australian superheroic setting – Super Squadron! In a great campaign run by Mike (hi!) I played an acrobatic character “The Juggler” who had a frog sidekick. There was a luck rule that if you rolled triple 6 you would hit no matter what. During a fight we were losing, the frog attacked, rolled the triple and knocked out the bad guy!

I’m a bit unconvinced by this drawing. Been sinking my creative juices and spare time into a coding project, and getting a bit existential about drawing… “why am I doing it?” The deep / unhappy pictures answer their own question, but the fun ones feel a bit pointless. Doing some life drawing again and getting the anatomy less wonky might help too!

The raw drawing

The original, from back in 2001!


  • Michael says:

    Good to see you posting again. Triple 6…what an “evil” frog! Still got to draw my character, Captain Rehab from Super Squadron days so you’re well up on me…

  • I game sometimes with a guy who was a playtester for super squadron.

    He is still friends with Joseph Italiano’s sister.

    Apparently Joseph lost the rights to the game in a messy divorce.

    I was thinking the other day, that with a game like that, were leveling up doesn’t mean that much and there is no real loot or equipiment gains, that the experience level progression should be much shorter. Maybe even once per session or two.

    Also apparently, ego and public standing were about to be unbroken in the next update.

    • Control Fink says:

      Hey! That would be sad if he lost the rights to his creative baby. I’ve had a secret fantasy of contacting him to see if he wanted to do a 2.0 version of the manual…

      Game Therapy looks like a very cool thing. I can imagine a lot of isolated people being able to connect through games.

      Be great to catch up with you when we’re in town very soon.

      • Game Therapy is going pretty well. Of all my wild ideas it’s had the most traction (and biggest paydays) . Its pretty much full time across a couple of organisation’s now. Ive just scored a consultancy with Aspergers Victoria to develop multiple Game Therapy programs and workshops for them in the north. Being paid to play and teach Dungeons and Dragons isn’t even the best bit!

  • Also first time I haven’t had time to be anal about the project web site cos the project itself is actually working out and I’m too busy! (translation: I know the site looks shite, haha)

  • But I actually came here to talk Super Squadran (Ive actually reached out to buy the rights, so maybe your and my dreams can meld actually) – quicker progression in lieu of loot so that you can do cool stuff quicker. Experience levels add range, duration etc (soup that up) but also if you have luck giving a luck percentile chance to add a x2 to a power. Better luck Stat you have, more powers you can have a chance at souping. What do you think?

  • I think also giving a chance to redeem yourself in regard to ego points would be nice. I do like the original idea of getting cocky and paying for that over confidence with lower accuracy, but I also like the idea of redemptive acts as well.

  • Firearms should also be looked at. Unless you have a related “power” or a high accuracy, there should actually be a higher chance of killing or maiming someone… And then facing the consequences of the law. Im sure I told you about how, as kids, my cousin and I just armed all our super heroes with pistols and Kevlar vests.

  • Control Fink says:

    Didn’t see your replies before Melbourne… if you can find a way to get SS 2.0 up and running I’m in! I need a real achievable goal to help motivate my drawing. Or lack thereof.

    • What’s your number these days? Do you use whatsapp? Send me a message on 0435331515. And, if you’re interested in a play by post game of super Squadran or DND 5e on my private website forum with Jake and Ant and another guy let me know.

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