“intercontinental belt”

me in an iron belt holding balloons, covered in red stickers... symbolising my stressed clenched stomach affecting my bladder!

an old picture representing my uni application trip to Melbourne as a complicated allegory

Super old school, oil paint even

So I went to a pelvic floor physio, as you do, and discovered part of my problem. Always awesome to have a health professional find something simple and easy to fix.

I’ve always carried my stress in my stomach, there’s pictures going way back with metaphors taking over my abdomen. Turns out your stomach is attached to your pelvic floor, so if you clench your gut you’re clenching your crotch. Hard to piss through a fist.

So if you see one of my red dot stickers, unclench!

Bonus extra, a picture about my journey to Melbourne to interview for uni, bussing over with a very heavy folio tied up with green nylon rope. I got pretty stressed out, and this picture is pretty literal.

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