“Trixen Aviatrix”

Trixen Aviatrix (biro)

Not much explanation needed! More exciting is the process to get to the final…

To stop myself from going back I did lots of little quick biro thumbnails. Picked the best one, scanned it then printed it out knocked back to grey and scaled up to A4. Then I kept working on the printout in biro to refine it further. Scan and repeat up to A3. Refined the small details with only a little bit of rethinking in pencil, then transferred it to a clean sheet using my light table.

As a process it was really painless, no trying to redraw a thumbnail pose much larger, and even better, no tracing a reverse and transferring then retracing again. It lost a little looseness of the line, but as a first attempt it worked well.

If only the biro ink was marker and ink wash proof… and Canson paper was thin enough to let light through. Then I could combine all these new techniques into a something I use more than once!

Edit 17-10-15: I was never really sold on the Photoshop coloured version of this. You can still see it here but I’ve replaced it with the much nicer final biro. Clean and real.

Edit 09-06-16: No one will read or care this far back! Was counting up the iterations for the next Trixen, and wanted to have another crack at the colouring… much better!

rough trade


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