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“Trixen Aviatrix”

Not much explanation needed! More exciting is the process to get to the final… To stop myself from going back I did lots of little quick biro thumbnails. Picked the best one, scanned it then printed it out knocked back to grey and scaled up to A4. Then I kept working on the printout in […]

“Trixen Inversion”

Something a little more lighthearted! Funnily enough, one of my main motivations for the last Trixen picture was to show the “standard” version so this inversion would make sense: the green armour and leather flipping top to tail, and the bullet / blade weapons swapping for a very blunt cudgel* and a fiery missile. The […]

playing with old toys

I wasn’t supposed to do this. It was supposed to be grey and I was moving on to a “serious” picture. Then just before going to bed I just did a rough colour, just to see, just for five minutes. I had decided not to do any more full Photoshop colouring, loving my grey markers and […]

“Trixen Vitruviana”

For the “iconography” post a while back, I was going to draw a diagram for each item. The only one that didn’t seem like too much hard work was this one. To show what all the Trixen riffs are based on, it’s not quite as diagrammatical as I imagined, but you get the layout of […]

“Trixen Noir 2”

tinned meat #4 Finally! There was a gap of a month or two in the middle, and some of the planned embellishments got abandoned along the way… it was a first project using my light table/box, but the Copic marker rendering and then the Photoshop rendering went by the wayside. But then again, the original […]