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“Trixen Noir 2”

tinned meat #4 Finally! There was a gap of a month or two in the middle, and some of the planned embellishments got abandoned along the way… it was a first project using my light table/box, but the Copic marker rendering and then the Photoshop rendering went by the wayside. But then again, the original […]


tinned meat #3 “Hi again, a picture about working bloody hard to stay in one spot and not go backwards… Not long after starting my new job the other designer left, and the next week my boss’ wife had a baby. So 5 weeks in, I was sitting in the office by myself with the […]

“ad infinitum / ad nauseum”

tinned meat #2 “Hi again, A drawing that started mulling around when job applications were feeling futile, but got finished when things were looking good (actually after I got a job in the end.) Hence you can turn the sad picture upside down to make it all uplifting and stuff – aww. For all of […]


tinned meat #1 “Hi all, As well as to draw more, my other resolution is to actually show the drawings to people. Hence some home made junk mail about taking risks. Let me know what you think, or not. Some may not be safe for work. Reply with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line!” I sent […]