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“paradigm shift”

OK, so it’s another picture about stress in my gut, but we all know misery makes better art than comfort does! It would have stayed as a rough doodle in my journal, until I thought of a neat way to resolve how it all fit together…

“intercontinental belt”

So I went to a pelvic floor physio, as you do, and discovered part of my problem. Always awesome to have a health professional find something simple and easy to fix. I’ve always carried my stress in my stomach, there’s pictures going way back with metaphors taking over my abdomen. Turns out your stomach is attached to […]


A picture about heartburn, but a story about stress. I started this back in the last weeks of our new house being built. By the end I was chewing reflux tablets before and after dinner, starting to think about going to see a doctor and avoiding certain food. Then the half-done drawing got packed away […]