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“threading the needle”

Passed checkup number seven last week, no April Fool’s gag, it was more boring than stressful. This picture probably looks less light hearted than it is, a good companion piece to the first test’s snake. Been quiet on the blog front, working on some “professional” personal work, a fake beer label. Quite satisfying to do […]


Yes, it’s a little ambiguous. On the job front the renewal is working out, positive if a little tedious at times, but the meat platform supporting my life isn’t performing as well as hoped. The antihistamines have cut the hayfever lethargy, and peace has been declared now a four year old has laid her constipated […]

“piss easy”

I drew this Freudian case study while recovering from my “cystoscopy,” a fancy word for having a camera with a robot scraper arm threaded through the eye of your needle. I’m sure I’m supposed to flag this as mature or something.