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“two card drawing”

Was a hell of a week. On the Monday I got my pathology results back, as good as cancer can be, low grade and not growing into the surrounding tissue. I was at work before my appointment and it was like sitting in a bubble of reality, like looking through a membrane at everything completely […]

“piss easy”

I drew this Freudian case study while recovering from my “cystoscopy,” a fancy word for having a camera with a robot scraper arm threaded through the eye of your needle. I’m sure I’m supposed to flag this as mature or something.

“pinto must die”

ground zero It was always a bit of a conversation stopper – I got cancer. I was also lucky, my bladder cancer was low grade and they found it early, but it was caused by smoking. I was never a heavy smoker, and had given up 5 years earlier to have kids… apart from the […]