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I’m a graphic designer in Australia. This is for all the personal work that would scare my clients. I’m in remission for bladder cancer, so some of it ain’t cheery, and there’s a fair amount of nudity along the way. So maybe don’t read it on the train.

Probably no one’s going to scroll backwards to the start of the blog but if you’re interested there’s a handy pocket guide. A nice PDF just for the love of typesetting.

chart topper

chart topper

Had my third colonoscopy last Friday. All clear. No polyps.

The hospital admission forms always seem like a tedious exercise – tick “no” 20 times and sign your name twice – but the nurse running through it this time gave me a different perspective.

“Any allergies?” No.

“Any current illnesses?” No.

“Any medications?” No.

“Any major surgeries?” No.

She was really impressed, said some people need to attach an extra sheet to fit it all in, made her job much easier.

“You must be really healthy.” Yeah, I guess I am.

“threading the needle”

threading the needle

Passed checkup number seven last week, no April Fool’s gag, it was more boring than stressful. This picture probably looks less light hearted than it is, a good companion piece to the first test’s snake.

Been quiet on the blog front, working on some “professional” personal work, a fake beer label. Quite satisfying to do some graphic design work to my own taste, and something to kick off a non-anonymous Behance profile. Some of the blog pics will do some double duty over there, maybe not the more penile like this one!



Yes, it’s a little ambiguous. On the job front the renewal is working out, positive if a little tedious at times, but the meat platform supporting my life isn’t performing as well as hoped.

The antihistamines have cut the hayfever lethargy, and peace has been declared now a four year old has laid her constipated egg, so now I just have to hold my nerve till the next cystoscopy in four weeks.

I’ve drawn a lot of botanical metaphors of renewal, peeling back layers to reveal new growth or the seeds to spawn it. There were also a lot of green skinned metaphors of death, with a short goat-legged-and-horned sidekick sneaking in to offer a toke.

This then is the husk.

‘dumb’ quotes

The move went amazingly smoothly. I did all the complicated things right, did all the preparation, but messed up something really simple. Because I wanted to save a couple of minutes of application loading time, I used the wrong editor to change a password. An hour of rechecking DNS settings and file permissions because the editor used typographer’s ‘quotes’ instead of dumb 'quotes' and gave the php indigestion.

Big shout out to Crazy Domains. They get a bad name, but their customer service answered my questions really quickly and even rang me up to follow up my survey answers about their support!

Also managed to delete all of my old emails too. And learnt how to access hidden folders in Time Machine to retrieve them…

Stand by for a break in transmission


There may be a few wobbles on the way as the site moves hosts.

A couple of years back my current host wouldn’t give me a discount for a second plan to host a second site. Now they’ve nearly tripled the price and cut my storage by 90%. I wanted to shop local, but the other plan I bought with a multinational will let me host a second site for the price of the domain. See you later.

There’ll be all sorts of database and DNS shenanigans, so please bear with me!